Introduction of the firm

Our parent company was founded as one of the smallest firm in the region and it has been running for more than 15 years. It has been expanding year by year and we have extended our services for foreign corporations and individuals successfully. Since our company was established it has become a well-equipped enterprise, working with considerable productive capacities. Our firm is specialised and presently focussed on the field of ground work, in combination of all aspects of transporting goods on road as well as building apartment-houses.

We possess all the technological backgrounds needed, e.g. the lorries, power tools and supplementary to sort out the arising special works.
Our staffs are dedicated to provide the best quality service and play an important role in work success. Using their appropriate professional knowledge and experience they guarantee perfect work.
Working in partnership has always been central to our firm and is a key element of our success. Our company helps on foreign and inland investors to settle by purchasing estates, building offices and store houses. It results highly developed economical and market conditions.
Due to the quality- and partner-oriented philosophy of our company we have been given special orders, which fact causes unique dynamism to our progress. The company make an effort to reach high-standard economical, EU conform management by a carefully thought out and rational way in connection with expenses.

Because of the growing interest for the Montenegrin apartments we shaped up Kamenari Estate d.o.o. especially to satisfy the claims at the beginning of 2008. Our one(Hungarian)person owned, (but established in Montenegro) firm started asking for permission to build prominent Montenegrin real estates in autumn of 2008.The firm's property is 5300 square meters and free from all encumbrances. The company is making a greenbelt investment on the area. Present project is in the middle of Kotor-bay gets to an implementation on the beautiful mountainside of the settlement of Kamenari, which consists of six apartment-houses with conceptual building permit of them. Each apartment-house includes -with the alignment with specific terms of reference- four apartments and a luxury suite or six apartments. (for description of apartments in details see ,,,apartment-houses” menu point) We consider it important to mention that the firm finances the full project from private resources and the sums be paid by the customers adequately by the timing. The ground work will be started in autumn of 2009 depending on coming to hand the permissions then we are going to continue with the building of the roads, pavements and terraces. According to our plans two of the houses must be built in 2010, the perfect project is planned to finish at the end of 2011. If there were claims to buy more apartments we could start to construct the other four permitted houses as well. Local and Hungarian expert teams take part in the implementation primarily.

Our company is connected with the expert staff of Montenegro Adria Tours, which means help with professional and fast local administration. Our contact persons Ogurlic Uzon Ágnes and Savo Ogurlic (Montenegro Adria Tours)

Our reference works can be observed at the request of our buyers.